Why Study With Us

Our School's Program is unique in that it provides the individual student with the opportunity to develop his/her abilities to the maximum potential. The total program covers an equivalent study program from Kindergarten to Grade twelve in a conventional school. An 80% pass mark is required in each unit of study (called a PACE –i.e. a Packet of Accelerated Christian Education) before a student is permitted to proceed to the next PACE. A student must complete the required number of subjects/ courses in order to acquire an A.C.E. Certificate.
A.C.E. Ministries has developed and produced an individualized, sequential, ungraded, program composed of 144 PACEs in each of the five core subjects, namely Maths, English, Social Studies, Science, and Word Building (Spelling). At the High School level the student is able to choose from over 30 elective courses, for example –Art, Bible, Business, Computer Science, Foreign Languages, English Literature, Government and History.  Students planning to pursue tertiary studies should also sit for the international Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) during the last year of their studies. The SAT gives the student a raw score by which tertiary institutions can assess their capacity for tertiary studies.
This program is currently being used in more than seven thousand Christian schools in over one hundred and thirty countries around the world. It has also been used successfully by thousands of families who have chosen to educate their own children at home.
An ever increasing number of students have graduated and have either entered the work-force successfully or gone on to complete tertiary studies.