How We Deliver Our Curriculum


1.    A student is not permitted to communicate or be out of his/her office without permission.  He should not turn sideways or around in office, or tip back in his/her chair.

2.    Activities unrelated to prescribe material are not to be conducted in an office. 

3.    The Christian Flag should be raised for activities to be scored by the supervisor, for guidance in academic difficulties, and when Score Key states: ’Answers may vary’. The national flag is to be raised for permission to score/rescore, and monitor assistance in nonacademic activities (check out reference books or use rest room, etc.)  

4.    Only plain water consumption is allowed.

5.    Supervisors will assign offices to the students, who are then responsible to take care of them.  Anything to be placed in the offices or on bulletin boards must be approved by the supervisor.  Only ‘positive’ items are allowed.

6.    Students are not to lean or sit on offices or dividers.

7.    Electrical outlets are for approved school equipment only.

8.    The Goal Card is to be kept up-to-date and displayed on bulletin board.  Use blue-ink pen in setting goals; state the exact page numbers of the work for the day.  As the student completes his/her goals in each subject, including scoring and correcting, he/she should cross the goals and set new goals for the following day.  Completed goals of each PACE must be placed on the ledge of his/her office for Supervisor’s checking.  Completed Goal Cards are to be filed in student file every Friday. 

9.    Students must update their Desirable Character Habits and Traits every Friday.


1.    PACEs are private property and are not to be shared among students.  Used PACEs are not returned to students.

2.    After a PACE is completed, revised, and turned in with a Self-Test score of above 90%, the student waits until the following morning before sitting for PACE Test. No PACE Test will be scheduled on Mondays. 

3.    PACE Tests are scheduled and may be conducted in one place.  Students ready for PACE test in every Learning Center must be in the designated place and designated time. 

4.    When a student scores below the minimum of 80% for PACE Test, he/she must repeat the entire PACE.  Repeating a PACE helps the student realize the importance of learning the material thoroughly. 

5.    Work in PACEs is done in pencil.

6.    Students should score according to built-in ‘score strip’ controls.  They should always score before and after a Checkup or Self-Test.  
    Students need to raise their national flag to ask for permission to score.  Supervisor draw a diagonal line and signed the first box in the score strip before the student can go to the scoring station and score. Score Keys are to be handled carefully.  Copying answers is a serious offense.

7.    A student should take only his/her PACE to the scoring station and check answers with the Score Keys accurately to avoid violations.

8.    Red pens are provided at the scoring stations and it must never be taken to the student’s office.  Mark a red ‘X’ on the left of the question number for each incorrect answer. (This indicates to the supervisor that student may need help.) Students must not have in their possession, red pens.

9.    If working on a PACE which has a score strip, put a red ‘X’ in the first box of the score strip.
10.    Replace the red pen and return to the office; research the incorrect answers and correct the mistakes in pencil at the office, stating each reference and underlining the text from which the correct answer is found. 

11.    Raise the national flag for permission to rescore. 

12.    Circle the red “X” beside the question number to show incorrect answers have been corrected. Put an ‘X’ in pencil in the second box of the score strip.

13.    When scoring is completed, put a red ‘X’ in the third box of the score strip in the PACE.  To indicate completion, circle page number after scoring and correction.

14.    Replace red pen in holder at scoring station and replace Score Key in proper folder.