Registration Fee


1.    Diagnostic Test (payable once only on joining school for transfer student) 
2.    Registration Fee (payable on joining Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten 1, Level 1–Level 6, Level 7–Level 9, Level 10–Level 12)
3.    Uniform Fee
4.    Monthly Tuition Fee
5.    GAP PACEs (depending on the results of the Diagnostic Test)
6.    PACEs/ Equipment Fees
7.    Mandarin Books & Resources 
8.    Maintenance Fee 
9.    Application for Certificates Fee
10.  School Bus Fee (optional and outsourcing*)
11.  Catering Fee (optional and outsourcing*) 

*[Payable on monthly basis. The school will not be held liable for any problems caused by the side of the outsourcing as the school will only facilitate payments and schedule.]


1.    Monthly School fees are payable on the 1st-10th of every month 
2.    PACEs must be paid in advance (last three numbers of each subject PACEs completed level) to give ample time in order not to delay issuance of PACEs.  
3.    The School will follow Non-payment, No-issuance Policy for PACEs 
4.    Maintenance Fees: Payable every year thereafter except if Registration Fee is applicable.   
5.    Kindly visit the school office for any payment concerns.  

Thank you for entrusting your child’s education to us through the Accelerated Christian Education (ACE), School of Tomorrow Curriculum, USA.